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Loui Lord Nelson, Ph.D.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Implementation
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UDL Research in 15 Minutes Podcast

Episode 1 – David Rose

David Rose, co-founder and Chief Education Officer Emeritus of CAST (the creators of UDL) shares stories about the research that drove the beginning of CAST and UDL, what research kept them going, and where CAST is headed with the framework. This 45 minute interview was longer than expected, but so worth it.

Episode 2 – LaRon Scott

LaRon Scott shares what he and his co-authors discovered when surveying teacher prep programs across the US on how they are preparing pre-service teachers to implement UDL in the classroom.

Episode 3 – Kathy Howrey

Kathy Howrey, Ph.D. and her colleagues used the narrative approach to interview teachers about their use of the UDL framework to include students with moderate to severe disabilities. During this interview, we talk about the findings and how we hope these findings will be used in the field.

Episode 4 – Jenna Gravel

Jenna shares her UDL implementation findings based on her deep dive into the disciplinary thinking of English Language Arts.