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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Implementation
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UDL Research in 15 Minutes Podcast

Episode 1 – David Rose

David Rose, co-founder and Chief Education Officer Emeritus of CAST (the creators of UDL) shares stories about the research that drove the beginning of CAST and UDL, what research kept them going, and where CAST is headed with the framework. This 45 minute interview was longer than expected, but so worth it.

Episode 2 – LaRon Scott

LaRon Scott shares what he and his co-authors discovered when surveying teacher prep programs across the US on how they are preparing pre-service teachers to implement UDL in the classroom.

Episode 3 – Kathy Howery

Kathy Howery, Ph.D. and her colleagues used the narrative approach to interview teachers about their use of the UDL framework to include students with moderate to severe disabilities. During this interview, we talk about the findings and how we hope these findings will be used in the field.

Episode 4 – Jenna Gravel

Jenna shares her UDL implementation findings based on her deep dive into the disciplinary thinking of English Language Arts.

Episode 5 – Peggy King-Sears

Peggy King-Sears, a leader in UDL research, shares the research from the article, “Universal design for learning: Chemistry instruction for students with and without disabilities” as well as information about a UDL-focused edition she edited for Remedial and Special Education.

Episode 6 – Kavita Rao

Kavita shares information about the UDL Reporting Criteria developed by a team of researchers and educators to help ensure strong reporting about UDL in journals. This episode can also be heard over on UDL in 15 Minutes, Episode 61.

Episode 7 – Anya Evmenova

Anya shares the design and results of a study reported in her article titled, “Preparing Teachers to Use Universal Design for Learning to Support Diverse Learners.”

Episode 8 – Lisa Jacobson

Dr. Lisa Jacobson from the Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine offers a wonderfully clear description of executive functioning, why we need to focus more on the foundational skills, and how the EF of children who are being treated for or have been treated for cancer is deeply affected.

Episode 9 – Sara Wilford

Sara is well versed and practiced in a research and innovation approach called Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). When UDL was brought to her campus, she decided she would become a champion of that framework but knew she needed a strategy to bring her colleagues on board. RRI because the tool. She shares that inspiring story here.

Episode 10 – Tara Courchaine

Tara Courchaine, the Chief Research and Development Officer at CAST, shares two programs that directly support classroom educators: The Accessible Educational Materials Center (the AEM Center) and the Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems (CITES).