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See the Full Tapestry of UDL! Explore the UDL Gears! Design and Deliver Second Edition
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Implementation

Loui Lord Nelson, Ph.D. - International UDL Educator

The Why of UDL

From birth, we are learners. Our brains are constantly processing information, experiences, and emotions. This processing establishes our own mix of background knowledge. That knowledge is the base which is built upon as we move through educational systems.

We’re also directly impacted by the environment in which we are learning. Whether or not that environment supports our learning depends on the personal connection we make to the topic or skill. Whether that environment provides us with different ways to connect to and understand the things we’re supposed to be learning influences our learning. And whether that environment offers us different ways to show our understanding determines whether or not we will be successful in showing the skills and knowledge we have gained. The Universal Design for Learning framework provides the structure needed to design the kind of learning environments that allow for these types of supports. Learn how Loui can help you continue forward with your designing your learning environment.