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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Implementation
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UDL in 15 Minutes podcast with Kelley Correio and Laurie Sarver

Removing barriers – Part 1 A solid concept that drives Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is the removal of barriers. Kelley Correio and Laurie Sarver touch on that topic in this episode of UDL in 15 Minutes. In my opinion (since there isn’t any specific research on this concept, it is an opinion) that mindset […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Jenny Parker

The rewards of video recording While the theme of this podcast is how one teacher got started with UDL, Jenny and I moved forward from there and talked about tools she believes help teachers move forward with their practice. Within that conversation, we talked about video recording. Whether the idea intrigues or repulses you, there […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Cassie Stevens and Lori Scott

Self-Efficacy This podcast with Cassie Stevens and Lori Scott kicks off a series of podcasts that focus on a group from Educational Service Districts across the state of Washington and their journey to shift statewide inclusion practices through targeted leadership support, professional development, and being accessible to all educators. This series will share the UDL-aligned […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Kaity Day and Brett Boezeman

Knowing what kind of challenge you’re facing so you can address it Kaity Day and Brett Boezeman, current and former building leaders, share the story of Schmitt Elementary School in Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) during this episode. They share how they came to know Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as employees of BCSC and […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with George Van Horn

Partnering is the way to go This blog is associated with the first podcast in a series about Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) in Columbus, Indiana. While a big part of their story is the fact that they have been implementing UDL for about 20 years now, they have made significant strides in how to […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Melanie Smith

A gem Melanie Smith hit on a major theme of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) during our UDL in 15 Minutes conversation when she said, I began to really look at the academic pieces more as a vessel to teach these essential life skills and doing that really became instrumental in creating a safe learning […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Keith Tonn

Instructional Rounds and UDL Instructional rounds are a productive and supportive way to improve instructional practices. They are based on inquiry versus evaluation. Nothing is good or bad; rather, the observers and the classroom teacher work together to identify how instruction can shift to make progress toward an identified goal. In this episode, Principal Keith […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Kelly Zombo

Intentionality During this episode of UDL in 15 Minutes with Kelly Zombo, she mentions a significant word from the Universal Design for Learning world – intentionality. She says, “Our focus is always on an intentional plan using the UDL framework and that’s how we really are supporting our strategic plan”. Intentionality. It is the lynchpin […]

UDL in 15 Minutes Podcast with Carrie Wozniak

Wearing Your Business Hat A superintendent wears multiple leadership hats and usually wears several of them at the same time, but two of those hats are the academic leadership hat and the business leadership hat. While wearing the academic hat, the superintendent is focused on things like the academic needs and outcomes of the learners. […]

UDL in 15 Minutes Podcast with Donzell Lewis

The A in STEAM The “art” part of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) opens wide a door that can enhance any curriculum. By including visual arts, media arts, dramatic arts/theatre, dance and/or music, the resulting curriculum has the potential to improve outcomes for many learners. While there are disagreements on how the “arts” […]