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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Implementation
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UDL in 15 Minutes Podcast with Donzell Lewis

The A in STEAM The “art” part of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) opens wide a door that can enhance any curriculum. By including visual arts, media arts, dramatic arts/theatre, dance and/or music, the resulting curriculum has the potential to improve outcomes for many learners. While there are disagreements on how the “arts” […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Kim Potter

Speech to Text: Some of the research During this episode of UDL in 15 Minutes, Kim Potter shares how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) influenced how she viewed the significant barriers one student was facing. Simply stated, the barriers he faced might have been seen as insurmountable and unchangeable in another setting, but Kim used […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Gina Marchionda-Schneider

Does UDL play well with others? This episode of UDL in 15 Minutes is a wonderful representation of the layers that are present in a UDL-driven lesson. Gina shares a fabulous example of UDL implementation via a lesson she taught during the height of the pandemic when students were learning via distance learning and their […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Katie Moder

The Readiness Rubric This episode with Katie Moder introduces a series I’m putting together about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and district implementation. I will have interviews with administrators, teachers, and coaches from Fond du Lac School District over the next few months to help paint a picture through their experiences. I think it’s going […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Rene Sanchez

UDL Crosswalks During this episode of UDL in 15 Minutes, I talk with Rene Sanchez about the crosswalk he and others created for Cesar Chavez High School in Houston, TX when he was the building principal. The crosswalk identified the intended outcomes of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Amanda Tong and Clair Sheppard

Teaching Is Emotional Work “At its core, teaching is emotional work” -David Rose, CAST Founder This quote by David Rose, one of the founders of CAST and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), offers two meanings. The first reminds us that teaching, by default, taps our emotions. Interactions with students, other educators, and with yourself all […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Timmary Leary

Helping Educators Implement UDL This episode with Timmary Leary emphasizes how Universal Design for Learning is not about making things easier, it’s about making things accessible. Those are two very different things. Easier means there is a lowered level of rigor. Accessible means maintaining rigor (and even promoting higher levels of rigor) while designing an […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Callie Mulcahy

Intentionality During my conversation with Callie Mulcahy for this episode of UDL in 15 Minutes, she shares how she uses UDL to help her students move through the process of design. She provides them with a process that helps them think through the steps they will from idea generation to the finished product. What she […]

UDL in 15 Minutes podcast with Emily Art

When Choice Builds Agency During this episode, Emily shares how the instructors at the Relay Graduate School of Education not only teach students about UDL, they also use the UDL framework to design their instruction. She makes clear that this has been a journey for everyone and they are continuing with their growth, but what […]

UDL in 15 Minutes with Alaa Zaza

Helping Educators Implement UDL I had the honor of interviewing Alaa Zaza for this podcast. Zaza works for the Manahel-Syria Education Programme which is helping educators reach and teach children all over northeast Syria, even during the war. You can read more about the programme here (and you will want to). A theme that emerged […]