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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Implementation
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UDL in 15 Minutes – July Review List

It’s summer time in North America. Whether you’re carting your children around to countless activities, working a summer job, or taking a brief vacation to sit on a chaise lounge and watch the ocean, hike a trail, fly on a plane, or visit a new place somewhere on our big beautiful ball called Earth, I hope you take time to enjoy that space.

Others in the world are still within their teaching year. You’re making your lesson plans, meeting with parents, and continuing your quest to educate learners in the best ways possible. Thank you.

Wherever you are, when you’re ready to feel inspired, we’re here for you with over 4 hours of easy listening and learning. UDL in 15 Minutes is taking a break from production during July, but that’s the beauty of podcasts – they’re always there waiting for you.

And remember, stories about UDL implementation are transferable to all grades and subjects. I guarantee that you’ll learn from the 8th grade teacher even if you teach 1st and vice-versa. Here’s a quick breakdown of the episodes:

Grade/subject Guest and Topic in podcast Episode number
Kindergarten Laura Taylor – the influence UDL has even after 26 years of teaching 4
Kindergarten Karlene Warns – executive functioning 17
2nd grade Jessie Sherman – making arts integration even more accessible 3
3rd grade Jana Nicol – Designing the learning environment 10
4th grade Camille Wheeler – making assessments more flexible 16
4th – 5th grade Adria Gold – Chunking information in English Language Arts 14
5th grade Dan Schmidt – Making sure he knows his “why” when teaching math 12
6-12 STEM Ben Kelly – STEM, Minecraft, and UDL 9
7th grade Dakota Hudelson – UDL and social justice 8
7th grade Monica Watson-Bedard – Choice in assessments 11
7th grade Rebecca Chappell – Using UDL to make a learning app fully accessible to all learners 19
8th grade Rachel Barillari – Engagement in poetry 5
High School Kim Babeu – Choice within Human Physiology assessment 1
High School Kim Babeu – UDL, classroom management, and SPORT 13
High School AP Biology Shelbi Fortner – Choice within AP Biology assessments 2
Higher Education Liz Harman – Using UDL to get high achievers to take risks 6
Higher Education Justin Freedman – Designing the higher education learning environment 18
District resources teacher Melissa Toland – Using her experiences as a 7th grade teacher implementing UDL to help others learn about it 15
Everyone A discussion guide for UDL in 15 Minute episodes 7