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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Implementation
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UDL In 15 Minutes Table of Episodes

Grade/subject Guest and Topic in podcast Episode number
Kindergarten Laura Taylor – The influence UDL has even after 26 years of teaching 4
Kindergarten Karlene Warns – Executive functioning 17
Kindergarten Melanie Smith – Meeting social-emotional needs via academic content 82
K-6 Selena Andrade Gonzalez – Helping gen ed teachers learn about UDL and establishing behavioral norms during distance learning 52
K-6 Kelly Zombo – Being a UDL Coach. Part of the Fraser Public Schools series. 78
2nd grade Jessie Sherman – Making arts integration even more accessible 3
2nd grade Gina Marchionda-Schneider – A vocabulary lesson that wove in social-emotional support and was delivered via distance learning. 71
3rd grade Jana Nicol – Designing the learning environment 10
3rd and 4th grade Kate Stanley – Supporting agency in learning 25
4th grade Camille Wheeler – Making assessments more flexible 16
4th – 5th grade Adria Gold – Chunking information in English Language Arts 14
4th – 5th grade Amanda Tong and Clair Sheppard – How Clair’s teaching was transformed through UDL and how Amanda, the UDL coach, supported that transformation. 67
5th grade Dan Schmidt – Making sure he knows his “why” when teaching math 12
5th grade Tracy Pendred and Kimberly Spears – Mentorship, friendship, & UDL 26
5th grade Shannon Van Horn – When you know about UDL and others don’t 28
5th grade Laura Christie – Improving reading and writing through UDL 33
6th grade Carla-Ann Brown – Using backwards planning and UDL to design units that are inclusive as well as culturally sustaining 54
6th grade ELA Blake Beckett – Teaching her students about reflection by teaching them about UDL 55
6-12 STEM Ben Kelly – STEM, Minecraft, and UDL 9
1st – 6th grade Diana-Grace Morris, Bonni Ramage, and Catherine Wong 29
Pre-K – 6th year Lizzie Davis – Using UDL to identify barriers to distance learning before they went into emergency distance learning 42
Elementary Principals Kaity Day and Brett Boezeman – Including students with significant disabilities 87
Teacher on Assignment and Elem Special Educator Megan Gross and Lisa Yamasaki – Using UDL to help others and themselves design lessons and online environments for students with disabilities 40
Middle School Kim Potter and Shana Montgomery – Coaching to find space within a restrictive curriculum 73
Middle School Principal Evan Burton – Using his leadership to help all staff include students with significant disabilities 86
7th grade Dakota Hudelson – UDL and social justice 8
7th grade Monica Watson-Bedard – Choice in assessments 11
7th grade Rebecca Chappell – Using UDL to make a learning app fully accessible to all learners 19
7th grade Kim Potter – Finding room for UDL even when the curriculum is practically scripted 72
7th grade & STEAM Christina Khatri – Using UDL when you have a brand-new curriculum 34
7th and 8th grade Rebecca Chappell – Choice and fidelity? Small shifts lead to big outcomes for these 7th graders 21
8th grade Karen Keener and Jordan Landis – Co-teaching and mindset 22
8th grade Rachel Barillari – Engagement in poetry 5
9th grade and Library Science Brandy Major and Lauren Holcombe – Using HyperDocs to teach research 50
9th and 10th grade Ian Wilkins – How UDL impacted how he assesses writing and how he thinks about grading overall 35
10th and 11th grade Kelley Culp – How she uses UDL to design her online environments 37
12th grade Carrie Preston – End of the year and fully engaged 23
12th grade Amanda Hughes – Supporting the executive functions of her high school students 32
12th grade Lauren Helberg – How UDL impacted the flexibility of her end-of-the-year lesson 48
Secondary School Elish Sheridan – Using TeachMeet style meetings to share successful UDL-driven strategies during emergency distance learning 43
Secondary School Catherine Hill – Recognizing the power of UDL in both face-to-face and emergency distance learning settings 45
High School Dan Marsh – Using UDL and his background in designing online learning environments for today 39
High School Robin Dazzeo – Using her experiences of learning online and UDL to influence how she teaches online 38
High school Kim Babeu – Choice within Human Physiology assessment 1
High school Kim Babeu – UDL, classroom management, and SPORT 13
High school Susanne Geise – Using UDL and the popular TV show Shark Tank to teach ethos, pathos, and logos 51
High school Lizzie Fortin – Sharing her passion for embedding radical love through UDL coaching 59
High school Andretesha Fitzgerald – Authentic letter writing leads to a lifetime of empowerment 60
High school Timmary Leary – AP Art History is held in community-based museum and includes any student that wants to take it 65
High School AP Juan Gallardo – AP Spanish teacher moves from UDL reluctance to UDL love 74
High School AP Biology Shelbi Fortner – Choice within AP Biology assessments 2
High School Art and Design Callie Mulcahy – Students now design with intentionality, thanks to UDL 64
High School Principal Sara Soria – Seeing UDL as a pathway for the artistic expression of students and faculty 36
Higher Education Liz Hartmann – Using UDL to get high achievers to take risks 6
Higher Education Justin Freedman – Designing the higher education learning environment 18
Higher Education Beth Fornauf – How UDL changed a teacher training program focused on rural educators 27
Higher Education Stephanie Craig – Shares her growth with UDL as a teacher, coach, learner, and teacher again 56
Higher Education Kavita Rao – From research to lessons: Using the UDL Reporting Criteria to take a close look 61
Higher Education Emily Art – Instructors are teaching about UDL, but are also using it to design their courses. Emily shares the challenges and joys. 63
Higher Education & K-12 Carolee Clyne – Open Education Resources 58
K-12 Sue Hardin – Fraser Public Schools UDL journey and the UDL School Implementation Certification Criteria 80
K-12 Tara Courchaine shares supports for classroom teachers from CAST 81
K-12 Inclusion Leader Betty Lou Rowe – Including students with significant disabilities in the general education setting. 85
K-12 UDL Coach Shannon Schultz – A deep dive into the Fond du Lac UDL Readiness Rubric 70
K-12; 21st Century Educator Jarod McGuffey – Using the UDL mindset to affect the design of education advocacy 76
District resources teacher Melissa Toland – Using her experiences as a 7th grade teacher implementing UDL to help others learn about it 15
Digital Literacy Teacher Melanie Acevedo – Using UDL to develop digital literacy lessons 31
District level Technology Support Brenny Kummer – How the district technology department supports UDL implementation during emergency distance learning 44
Director of Pupil Services Katie Moder – UDL Implementation from the District level perspective. Part of the Fond du Lac School District Series. 69
Director of Special Education George Van Horn – The history of UDL at BCSC. Episode 1 of a series. 83
Educational Service Center Cassie Stevens and Lori Scott – Details and outstanding results from their statewide inclusion project in Washington. Part of the AESD Inclusionary Series. 88
Principal Keith Tonn – The structures his school uses to support UDL Implementation. Part of the Fraser Public Schools series. 79
Regional Administrator Jenny Parker – Simple actions teachers can take to step into UDL. Part of the AESD Inclusionary Series. 89
State Support Team – UDL Collaborative Cherie Smith – How one school is using practice profiles to embed UDL within their teaming practices 47
Superintendent Superintendent Rene Sanchez – How he introduced UDL as a principal in Houston, TX 68
Superintendent Carrie Wozniak – What guides Fraser Public Schools in their UDL implementation. Part of the Fraser Public Schools series. 77
Teacher Support Alaa Zaza – How teachers in Syria are supporting learners psychosocial needs during the war 62
Teacher Training Yacine and Ashraf – STEM, volunteer mentors, and UDL in Algeria 66
UDL Coordinators Rhonda Laswell and Tina Greene – Their role and UDL’s expansion in BCSC. Episode 2 in series. 84
Everyone A discussion guide for UDL in 15 Minute episodes 46

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